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We make healthy, tasty, ready-to-eat foods that fit your lifestyle.

Our expertise is in Asian superfoods such as black sesame, Chinese almonds, and purple sweet potato. Prestigious regional and international food enterprises use our commercial pack ingredients everyday, and through Naturalam we bring these directly to you.

New! Mashed Superfoods

Our signature black sesame powder and almond powder superfoods.

There’s probably no better embodiment of the Yin & Yang health philosophies than Black Sesame and Almonds, and for as long as Chinese culture dates back they’ve usually been reserved as delicacies for special occasions. Now our team of food scientists are proud to present tasty pure Black Sesame Powder and Almond Powder that can be added in spoonfuls for instant nourishment to any drink or meal.

Our Popular Black Sesame Paste

Want to level up your toast spreads? What’s easier to spread than butter, tastes nuttier than peanut butter, low in sugar, and as healthy as black sesame? 

Naturalam’s Black Sesame Paste!

If you needed an even easier way to consume black sesame, this is it. Spread it on anything you fancy. We think it’s almost the best thing since sliced bread.

Black Sesame Paste

About Black Sesame

The health value comes mainly from its richness in polyunsaturated fats (oils), which make up approximately 50% in composition of the black sesame seeds.

Throughout our entire production process, each step is designed and optimized to preserve and extract this goodness

About Chinese Almonds

Apricot kernel oil is one of the lesser known oils that have provide many health benefits, including benefits for better skin and respiratory health.  

Much like our approach towards our Black Sesame, each step is designed and optimized to preserve and extract the valuable oils. 


Our Story

From our Sino-British roots to the meaning of the word Naturalam, read our story here.

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