Makers of the secret ingredients

We are proud to be a trusted food supplier and R&D partner to multinational food brands.

Combining years of technical knowledge and managerial experience in the dairy, beverage, and baking industries, our team of professional food scientists and engineers work hand-in-hand with our customers in developing healthy & natural foods and ingredients. Among these customers are Fortune 500 Food & Beverage companies who count on us for ingredients ranging from roots & tubers fillings and fruit & vegetable purees to cocoa and nuts & seeds products.

Through the years, we’ve developed a niche expertise in Black Sesame and Almonds. Our regional customers include several of Hong Kong’s most well-known traditional bakeries, patisseries, and herbal tea companies, and our Black Sesame and Almonds are enjoyed daily by locals in foods from almond drinks to palmiers. During the mid-autumn festival, our ingredients are used in snow skin mooncakes and exported worldwide.

Our Calling

In the early days of the company, we were called upon by local bakers in Hong Kong to produce commercially packed Sweet Potato, Taro, Red Bean, and Black Sesame fillings that were widely popular in Japan and Taiwan. Our products became a hit and we soon found ourselves serving the R&D departments of multinational food companies. 

Fast forward two decades, one of our most popular catering pack ingredients is Purple Sweet Potato paste, used in Instagram-worthy Korean style lattes to Japanese mochis. We created the Naturalam brand to bring these ingredients to home DIY enthusiasts, and now we’re taking a further step in extending the product range to health foods consumers.

Our Brand Name

Naturalam is a portmanteau of the words “natural” and “Lam”, the namesake of our family business. “Lam” also means forest in Chinese, and our Chinese brand name 天然之林 literally means “natural forest” – a metaphor for our vision and dedication to creating natural, wholesome foods.

Our Sino-British Roots

Our founding team is from Hong Kong, and like the city itself we draw inspiration from both the East and West. In an earlier professional life, our main company founder was an executive for what was then the largest British multinational food conglomerate, taking the helm at their southern China manufacturing base and building it from ground up to over a thousand workers. One of his many achievements during this tenure was perfecting the production of a line of sesame biscuits, which involved everything from working directly with sesame farms to ensure that they met unique specifications, to commissioning leading oven experts to engineer the optimum machinery and production processes.

Many years later, this technical know-how now forms the foundation to the success behind our widely-acclaimed Black Sesame Powder and our expanding range of products.